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Webinar “Why bite sized is the right size for todays work-force”

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Studies shows 80% of traditional training is forgotten within 30 days. Why? We think it’s because most training isn’t designed for the way people actually live and work today.

Microlearning as a strategy can be used to meet specific training needs within a company but it can also be a complement in between and during more traditional training activities such as workshops and lectures.

Join our 45 minute webinar and let us walk you through our 5 steps to a get going with mobile microlearning.



When: 30th of June 2016
Time: 08:00 – 08:45 CET


The future of company training – some trends
What is microlearning
Case: “Leadership training right in the pocket”. Norwegian municipality trains their leaders in the mobile
5 steps to get going with mobile microlearning

You will also be able to try microlearning your self live during the webinar.


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