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“Approximately 50% of all our leaders are actively engaged in the weekly tasks and reflections”

10 Mar

Bodö Municipality implements elearning in the mobile

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Norwegian municipality provides leadership training in the mobile. In February 2016, 250 leaders in Bodö Municipality was invited to the mobile microlearning program “DigiMentor-leadership: training right in your pocket”. The primary goal of this mobile training program is to excite the participants and make them feel engaged about leadership training in between our seminars.

See short film and read about the case below.


Twice a year, Bodö municipality run leadership seminars for their 250 leaders. The agenda for these seminars is to gather the leaders, divide them in to smaller groups and give them new tools, learnings and time to reflect on their own leadership. Responsible for this particular training program have been the HR department of Bodö municipality and the external partner KMC.Skärmavbild 2016-04-19 kl. 22.53.09


Challenge to deliver engaging training all year long

Bringing together 250 leaders and to provide a high quality leadership training program over two days is quite demanding and expensive. It also raises the question of the long-lasting effects and motivation in between these gatherings. In fact, the production of content and presentations alone represents a high cost, not to mention updating your coaching guidelines and or to set up new working tools. To leverage these investment and make sure that the bi-yearly seminars where worth it, the municipality saw that they needed to look at their leadership training in a whole new way. Therefor, Bodö decided to try MOBLRN and the benefits of mobile microlearning.

Process and results

Using MOBLRN, Bodö created “DigiMentor-leadership”, a training app that puts knowledge and reflections right in the pocket of their 250 leaders. In the unique training app participants for weekly challenges or tasks to improve or evaluate leadership skills. The feedback and results from this microlearning course have been very positive. After two months, approximately 50% of all the leaders are actively engaged in the weekly tasks and reflections.



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