About us

Smart training in smart phones

We offer a very smart and simple platform for creating your own training programs. With our tool it is easy to improve the skills and knowledge of your employees.

Micro learning for the mobilized generation

The platform was launched 2016 and is tailor made for education using smart phones. Our platform is optimized for micro learning, a modern training method based on insights regarding effective learning. Basically micro learning is all about serving your employees bite sized content over time and on a regular basis.

Quick and simple, on the go

With our platform it’s simple and quick to create new training programs.It’s perfect for on-boarding-programs, product information, sales- and management training just to mention a few examples. Every time there is need for new competence on the go, there is a place for Moblrn.

Welcome to Moblrn the fastest way to engaging training right in the pocket of your employees

Moblrn Team

  • CEO & Founder Anders Börde

    (+46) 73 30 99 003

  • CTO / IOS Developer Manuel Zimmermann

    (+46) 70 48 59 355

  • Marketing Manager Carlo Stecksen

    (+46) 709 857 856

  • KAM / Program Producer Bo Wallin

    (+46) 70 45 99 209

  • KAM / Program Producer Joakim Hedqvist

    (+46) 76 26 15 318

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