Everyone needs new skills.
Everyone has 5 minutes to spare.
Everyone has a smart phone.

Moblrn your fast-track to long lasting training effects. We enable microlearning – on the go in the mobile!

Traditional product- and sales training is expensive and ineffective. With Moblrn we can train the entire sales force continuously , no matter where they are Björn Berlin, Technical Division Saint-Gobain, Sweden AB, Gyproc.

Moblrn in brief

Simple for admin to make program

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Administrator creates training program by adding engaging content on a timeline.

Administrator follows in “real time” the outcome of the production in the admin-app.

Administrator follows the usage and the engagement through simple interface.


Easy for participants to join

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Participant receives push-notifications when new learning content is available in the app.

Participant engage with the learning content whenever and wherever.

Participant follows status, collect points and can always return to previous learning content.

Its flexible. You don´t have to spend time in a classroom. You can actually work between the lessons
Participant Product Training Gyproc/Saint-Gobain

We share our knowledge

One time per week our leaders receives tips and inspiration to help them in their daily work as leaders and role models Anne Kathrine Sølberg, HR Bodø Municiaplity

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